Recycling Resources and Links

This site has a small fraction of the available information on recycling. If there’s a topic that you’d like to find out more about, someone out there has probably written volumes on it. And someone else has set their expertise to music with dancing hamsters and CGI pyrotechnics. That’s why internet links rock.

Here are a few starting points to find more in-depth information:

The world’s shortest comprehensive recycling guide

How to organize a recycling program

A list of commonly recycled materials

How to dispose of tricky items

How to Start and Maintain a Compost Pile

How to start and maintain a compost pile

IBM’s Recycling Resources

Get a quote for IT equipment disposal

Carpet Recycling

Keep your old carpet out of the landfill in Texas

RM Brokerage recycles carpet in the Washington DC area

SF Carpet Recycling is your sustainable carpet recycler in the Bay Area

Greenback Recycling offers carpet recovery services in the United Kingdom

Cell Phone Recycling

How to recycle or donate your cell phone

Find a phone recycling location

Recycle your phone with a conservation group

Raise money with a cell phone recycling drive

Here’s a rough price list of how much old cell phones are worth for charity groups

Computer Recycling / Donations

Help non-profit groups stay on a budget with surplus computers and peripherals

Donate your computer in under 90 seconds

Give an old Dinosaur new life!

Disassemble and sell the components from your old computer

How-to remove personal data from your cell phone, computer, or other devices before recycling them

Plastics Recycling

Sell your industrial surplus or waste plastic

Plastic shopping bag recycling

Creating an Office Recycling System

Cut costs with a printer cartridge recycling program

Find the right recycling containers for your office

Supply your office with recycled products

Paint Recycling

Easy ways to dispose of half-full paint cans

Why is paint treated like a dangerous pollutant?

How to use leftover paint

Recycling Batteries

How to properly dispose of batteries

Why recycle batteries?

Statistics for battery recycling

Find a battery recycling center

Recycling Foam Packaging

The Mega-Monster Source list of Plastic Containers

Other Links

The Little Green People Show – Hosted by two of Chicago’s most respected environmental voices–Laurene von Klan and Jill Riddell of the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum–each episode answers listener questions, offers expert advice, and delivers commentary on all the opportunities and challenges faced by the average urban dweller trying to go green.

Zero Waste Alliance – A non-profit formed from an alliance between universities, government, businesses, and other organizations working to develop, promote, and apply Zero Waste strategies.

Eco Friendly House – Making your home Environmentally Friendly
How to make your home more environmentally friendly and reduce your Ecological footprint. Information on Solar Power, Lights, Waste Water, Recycling, Garden, Green Buildings, Renewable Energy, Green Energy, Saving Water, Environmental Issues and more. Help save the planet.

Green Batteries– Lots of helpful information on environmentally friendly NiMH and Li-ion rechargeable batteries and battery chargers plus great prices on nimh and lithium ion rechargeable batteries, chargers and accessories.

My Zero Waste – A family of four in the UK challenging themselves to create Zero Waste.

Sustainability Store – Directory of socially and environmentally responsible products and services for creating a sustainable future.

Scrap Metal, Scrap Metal prices, Plastic scrap, Scrap dealers – Scrap Metal, scrap metal prices, plastic scrap, aluminum scrap, scrap steel prices, scrap copper, scrap tire, scrap metal dealer, scrap metal buy and sell offers.

Rainwater Harvesting – The Garden Watersaver rainwater diverter takes all the hassle out of harvesting rainwater. It is the only diverter that allows one to hide the rain barrel and deactivates in seconds for winter conditions.

Close the Loop, LLC -Offers a wide variety of recycled products and green building materials such as rubber tiles and timbers for playgrounds and equestrian facilities, plastic post and rail fencing, mulches made from: rubber, cocoa shell, tumbled garden glass. Free bi-monthly E-newsletter, The LOOP.

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