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Recycle Bank is a bit like the airmiles program, but for your trash instead of flying. The program gives you the chance to turn your recyclable items into rewards. These rewards can then be used to get discounts and merchandise at local stores and shops.

The scheme has been set up by a group of people who are passionate about helping to preserve the planet and its resources. The idea is that any recycling, however big or small will have a positive impact. And the more people who take part, the more the scheme will grow.

Whenever you recycle, Recycle Bank provides you with a reward. This might be in the form of a coupon, discounts or products at some of the most famous names on the high street. For example, Footlocker and Dunkin Donuts are both members of the Recycle Bank scheme.

How does Recycle Bank work?

It may well surprise you as to exactly how much of your trash can be recycled. From the obvious, such as plastic bottles and tin cans, right through to electronics and clothing. And each time you dispose of various pieces of trash in a responsible way by recycling, you collect points and codes and then attach these to your Recycle Bank account to be turned into rewards.

Once you sign up to the Recycle Bank scheme at the website you can then begin to earn rewards. And you can even earn rewards for other ‘green’ actions, such as saving energy in the home.

When you have accrued some points you can begin to order your rewards. Simply browse the site and choose from the many partners who offer rewards and bonuses. Click through to the one you would like. You will receive your reward either as an email to print at home, or through the post. Then take the voucher to the retailer and exchange for your goodies!

The rewards change constantly, so if there isn’t a retailer or reward you fancy, just keep an eye on the website for when the rewards change. Then you can use your points for something you really want.

Who is a member of Recycle Bank?

The Recycle Bank scheme is growing on a daily basis. It now covers the whole of the USA and the UK as well. Many major retailers are involved, including Kmart, Sunglasses Hut, Coca-Cola, Yoplait and Cosmopolitan Magazine to name but a few.

You can also earn recycle points by getting friends, colleagues and neighbors to sign up as well. Just invite a person to join Recycle Bank via email, and for everyone who signs up from your recommendation, 10 Recycle Bank points will be added to your account.