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We all love to give and receive greetings cards, especially at special times of the year such as Christmas, Holidays and Birthdays. It’s an inexpensive way of showing someone that you are thinking of them, and can also give comfort at times of sadness as well. Many people hold onto cards for many years and they can trigger many memories. However, over the years your greetings cards can begin to pile up. There are many ways that cards can be recycled, both in the usual way and in ways which are a little more imaginative.

Can they be recycled?

Paper and card is a valuable commodity. Most people know that paper is derived from trees, so any recycling helps to cut down on the amount of trees that need to be felled. But there are a whole host of other ways you can reuse your greetings cards if you want to keep the memories.

All towns and cities offer recycling facilities for cards and paper. If you are unsure of the closest to where you live, visit and enter your zip code.

What are the possibilities for the recycled material?

Before you consign your greetings card to the recycle bin, consider if you can put them to use in another way. Perhaps you can involve the kids for a fun family experience, or even donate them to schools to use as cut outs and collages. With a bit of imagination you can make beautiful decorative displays, tags for presents, miniature gift boxes or even an origami gift box.

If you decide to recycle your gift cards at the recycling center, then very often the cards will be used to make more cards. Or perhaps plain, recycled paper. Very often charities sell greetings cards which are all made from recycled cards and paper.

But what about the resources used in the recycling process?

So much paper is thrown in the trash every year that not recycling as much as possible would have a huge effect on landfill. Paper which is not recycled is often incinerated, and this adds to the amount of CO2 produced, which is a greenhouse gas.

When paper is produced from raw materials, the production process not only emits CO2, but methane as well, which is also a greenhouse gas. Recycling paper cuts down on the amount released into the atmosphere. It also reduces the number of trees which need to be harvested. Trees absorb the CO2 from our atmosphere and emit oxygen. Every tree we cut down lowers this rate, and even if more trees are planted to counteract this, the new trees take a very long time to grow and reach maturity.