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Everyone knows that gold is a valuable commodity. So when we talk about recycling it you are more than likely to get some money back in lieu of this. Of course, we all think of items such as gold jewelry and watches, but did you know that gold is used as a component in some computer boards?

Can they be recycled?

Of course, all gold can and should be recycled. Mining for gold will always go on, but there is no point in such a valuable asset ending up in landfill. With regards to computer boards, not only is it possible to reclaim and reuse the gold in certain cases, but it is also advantageous to the environment for all parts of a computer to be recycled.

All towns and cities offer recycling facilities for computers. If you are unsure of the closest to where you live, visit and enter your zip code.

What are the possibilities for the recycled material?

Gold in any form can be melted down and molded into new products. If you have gold jewelry that you no longer want, there are quite a few recycling options open to you. The easiest is to go into a jeweler’s store that specifies that they buy old gold, and they will give you the current scrap price. Beware of many of the companies which have sprung up asking to buy your unwanted gold. These give a rate far lower than that of scrap, sometimes as low as 25% of the actual value. You could also advertise it for sale on an on-line auction site such as eBay.

If your gold jewelry is very special then you may be better placed to have it appraised by an expert as to its value. Then perhaps it should be sold at a specialist auction or to a specialist dealer to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Recycling the gold in a computer is also possible. However, the gold contained in just one computer is not going to make you rich! But if you have access to a large number then it is possible to reclaim the gold and other precious metals and recycle them for cash once you have a decent amount. Most older computers, especially those which are pre-1995 use gold as component parts along with other precious metals.

But what about the resources used in the recycling process?

When recycling gold jewelry it doesn’t take an awful lot of resources to melt the gold down. With regards to computer boards, the easiest way to recycle these is at a computer recycling center. However, if you have a large amount of old computer boards it may be possible to get some money for them. Try taking them to a metal refiner who will more than likely pay to take them off your hands.