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We can all do with a few extra dollars. Finding ways to turn your unwanted possessions into money is a fantastic way of recycling, and something which we all can do. Just because something has no use or value to you anymore, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t to someone else. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, or so the saying goes.

What can be recycled for money?

If you look around your house and garage, you’ll probably be extremely surprised at the amount of stuff you have that you no longer use. If you want to have a clear out and make a few dollars along the way, then you’ll need to be ruthless. Let’s face it, if you haven’t used something for 3 or 4 years, then the likelihood of you ever using it again is fairly slim.

From clothes to old electronics, you’ll be amazed what can be recycled for money. You only have to take a quick browse through on-line auction sites to see the popularity of buying second hand goods.

What are the options for recycling goods for money?

If you want to swop your unwanted items for money then there are a few options available to you. It really depends on what you have to get rid of and what it is worth.

If you have a whole bunch of items, then you could consider holding a garage sale at your house, or perhaps going to a car boot sale. This has the advantage of people picking up whatever they want and taking it away there and then with no extra effort on your behalf.

For individual items, then you can use online auctions such as eBay. You’ll have to take photos and write a nice description of the item for sale. Once it’s sold and you’ve received payment, you will have to package up the item and send it to the customer.

If, during your search for items to recycle for money, you come across something which you think might be of great value, you should always get it appraised by an expert. The last think you want is to sell your great Aunt Marge’s funny old vase for a couple of dollars, to later find out it was a precious Ming worth tens of thousands!

But what about the resources used in the recycling process?

This recycling process uses up precious little in the way of resources. Okay, so you’ll use up a bit of electricity running the computer, or maybe a bit of gas driving to a car boot sale. But the advantages in both monetary terms and the fact that the buyers of your items will not have to purchase new outweigh all of this by far.